Our Purpose

We are a purpose-driven women's empowerment activewear brand that creates functional and feminine sports bras that SUPPORT women: 5% of all proceeds go to organizations whose key initiatives support survivors through healing, education, and advocacy.

We are a brand that is inspired by nature with a mission to empower women activism.


My Story:

I was working as a chemical engineer, traveling the world, living the good life...

Then in 2016, something happened that changed my life forever...

Out of nowhere, I experienced a very severe panic attack.  I could not run from it anymore.  I had to face the fact that I was sexually assaulted twice when I was a college student.  Words cannot describe how bad this panic attack was.  I honestly thought I was going to die.  After I survived, I had an epiphany that these events had affected me mentally and emotionally for many years.  It was clear to me that my experiences of feeling depression, anger, paranoia, and even suicidal thoughts was a result of my attacks.

With this new found realization, I wanted to do something to help other women but I didn't know what.  However, in late 2016 something magical happened.  I went on a backpacking trip in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  While immersed in Mother Nature, I started to dream of a world where there is no sexual assault or violence. I started to believe that every positive effort, no matter how small, can create change for the better. This gave me hope.  

That same night, while on this backpacking trip, I was sleeping in a small tent and I was having difficulty changing my clothes, especially my sports bra.  I was sweaty, my back was sticky, and my sports bra was stiff and too tight to get up and over my shoulders (ugh!).  It was painful to pull something this tight over my shoulders, and once I did, I was disappointed that I smeared deodorant all over my bra (grrrr!).  I was frustrated at my uncomfortable sports bra and I believed I could do better.  This was the inspiration behind La Luna Sports Bra, which can be removed using the zipper down the front.  No more pulling your sports bra over your arms and shoulders!

After this backpacking trip, I knew what I wanted to do.  I decided to create Wrights Active as a platform to advocate for women and support women activism.  Looking back when I was assaulted, I did not have the support I needed nor feel empowered to share my voice.  I want to change that for women today.

I can honestly say that I am more happy and healthy than I have ever been my whole life!  I truly believe that honoring myself and my connection with Mother Nature is what healed me.  Most importantly, through my journey, I have become aware of the power of feminine energy to love, to nurture, and to heal. I want to inspire women to rediscover their feminine energy within and harness this sacred, beautiful power to pave a path to a better world for future generations to come.


My dream for the woman who purchases La Luna Sports Bra is to:

Reclaim the sacred power within you

Rediscover that being a woman is strong and beautiful

Feel comfortable, supported, and empowered

Live your best, healthiest life

Love the goddess that you are

Share you gifts, talents, and love with the world


Wishing you love and light,

-Linda Lippold, Creator of WRIGHTS ACTIVE

("Wrights" is the word "rights" but spelled with a "W" for women

and "Active" is short for "activewear", "activist" or "activism")   


Our Values:

Women’s Rights - We believe survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse.  We believe it is important to empower women and inspire a future of no violence through promoting compassion, celebrating women, and the power of Mother Nature as a way of healing.

Compassion - When you have compassion for yourself and for others, you become a beacon that lights the way for others.  With this power, women all over the world can achieve their greatest potential and change the world into a better place.

Embracing Femininity - Feminine energy is strong and powerful!  Love the goddess that you are!

The Power of Mother Nature - We believe in the importance of connecting with Mother Nature, the ultimate healing and nurturing energy of planet Earth.  


Our Giving Partners:

Our motto is "Sports bras that support women.  Literally."

Sexual assault happens everywhere. Even in my small circle of friends, it is far too common.  Over the years, as I started to talk about this more openly, it seemed that almost every woman experiences a form of violence, verbal or physical, at some point in their lives.  From my own personal experience, I know how traumatic it is. It really hurt me to know that this violence has happened to so many people I know. There are countless statistics that illustrate the pervasiveness of violence against women all over the world.  They say that 1 in 4 women who go to college, will be sexually assaulted.

This is why 5% of all proceeds are donated to The Joyful Heart Foundation. TJHF supports survivors through healing, education, and advocacy.  I selected this charity because they are a leader in transforming society's response to sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse.  I first heard about the non-profit organization by listening to Debbie Millman's story on Tim Ferriss' podcast.  After hearing Debbie's story, I was inclined to support this charity.  TJHF was founded by Mariska Hargitay of Law and Order SVU.  Mariska received a lot of letters from survivors from being on the show and realize that this issue is far greater than a TV show, so she created the charity to make a difference in our culture.