Happiness Is The New Success | Be Active, Be Outdoors, Be With Nature


For nearly my whole life, I have been guilty of sacrificing my health for what society viewed as success.  I had poor eating habits, poor sleeping habits, and a poor mindset (i.e. motivated by fear).  In the journey of life, it is important that we continue to challenge ourselves because this is how we grow.  But, not at the expense of our health!  And for some reason, society has normalized an unhealthy, high-stress lifestyle.  It took me a long time to realize that just because something is normalized, does not mean it's healthy for you.  Let me elaborate...


Last week I attended a work conference.  As I looked through all the bios of the 200+ attendees, I saw a consistent theme...Nearly every person wrote one if not more than one of the following as their hobby/passion: being active, being outdoors, and being with nature (e.g. gardening).  If this is what makes us happy, then this is what we should be doing!  We should make more time for these activities, figure out ways to incorporate them into our daily lives, and be concerned if we don't have enough time to be active, be outdoors, and be with nature


While at this conference, we also had a team dinner.  We all shared stories about ourselves and how that shaped us into who we are today.  Many people shared stories about their parents and how their hardwork ethic impacted them.  Some of those same people talked about how their parents were not around as much and that they wanted to do better with their own family.  Some of those same people expressed their parent's poor health and that they wanted to do better with their own health.  Needless to say, some people got very emotional talking about their story.  


Yes, hardwork and money are important.  But, if you lose money, you can figure out a way to get more money if you want to.  However, if you lose time, you can never get it back.  Once time is spent, it's gone forever.  When you're faced with decisions, I encourage you to put your health first.  When you look back at your life, you're never going to regret taking time to be healthy, you're never going to regret taking time for yourself, and you're never going to regret taking time for your family.  In a world that values high-stress work environments, it takes courage to do something that's not normalized.  


If you can relate to this, I am giving you the permission to not feel guilty about spending more time being active, being outdoors, and being with nature.  It's time to make this a priority in your life.  It's time you put YOU first!  


Examples of how to be more active in your daily life: 

*Take an exercise class

*Sign up for an exercise event (e.g. 5k run/walk)

*Take a dancing class

*Stretch each day

*Do yoga

*Use a standing desk

*Take the stairs  

*Dance to music in your house

*Park far away

*Hire a personal trainer


Examples of how to spend more time outdoors in your daily life: 

*Eat lunch outside during your lunch break

*Take a walk before work

*Take a walk after work

*Use a break at work to go for a walk (even if it's only 5 min)

*Join a sports league (e.g. volleyball, soccer)

*Read outdoors

*Go to an outdoor event (e.g. farmer's market, outdoor concert)

*Take your dog for a walk

*Cook outside on a grill

*Have a picnic 


Examples of how to spend more time in nature in your daily life: 

*Take a gardening class

*Start a garden  

*Grow indoor plants

*Visit a park (e.g. local, state, national)

*Go on a hike

*Go on a camping trip 

*Watch the sunset

*Watch the moon rise  

*Stop and smell the roses. Literally.


I hope that you incorporate being active, being outdoors, and being with nature into your daily life.  When you do things that make you happy, you nourish your mind, body, and soul.  YOU deserve to be happy, so start investing in your health; it's your most important asset!

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